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Horizon Choir

One of the most top-performing choirs

Over 350 students participate in Horizon's choir, including athletes from every sport. Our choir is a fun way to get to know other students and a great way to earn your fine arts credit.

The choir program started under the direction of Jenny Mather when Horizon opened in 1980. The program has flourished under a legacy of female directors – Dr. Judy Durocher, Katherine Kouns, and, this year, Allison Kluch and Jeanette Winzler.

Horizon has 8 total choirs. The choirs are Show Divas, Noteworthy, Towne Criers, Step on Stage, Women's Choir, Men's Choir, and Vocal Ease. Vocal Ease is an extra-curricular 16-member Jazz/madrigal ensemble, and last but not least, Ensemble, our 'Fall sport for choir,' assembled specifically for Broadway Under the Stars production and open to any student at Horizon.

Horizon Choir Alum 'Hall of Fame'

Max Adler - Played Karofsky on Glee

Jordan Moyes - Featured on the 2020 season of American Idol

Dylan Oglesby - Member of the band "Judah and the Lion"

Garrett Hedlund - Troy, Friday Night Lights and other works of art

Rachel Redleaf - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, ATYPICAL, and other works of art


Broadway under the stars
Broadway Under the Stars