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Fine Arts

PVSchools is passionate about providing all students with an exceptional, inspiring, and immersive arts experience. Pairing arts education with rigorous core academics equips students with the necessary skill sets to excel in their future college or career paths. 

PVSchools offers students an abundance of incredible opportunities in the realm of Fine Arts Instruction. Not only do PVSchools provide district-level enrichment opportunities, such as art shows, concerts, exhibitions, recitals, district honor bands, honor orchestras, and honor choirs, but also host an all-district arts festival.

The highly qualified and certified instructors are experts in their field and passionate about the arts. Arts instruction must serve as a shining example of best practices for instructional delivery. The arts faculty is held to the highest standards of academic conduct, and many faculty members hold advanced degrees, are Nationally Board-Certified, and actively participate in continuous professional development opportunities.

As a Kennedy Center Partner, PVSchools has cultivated relationships with numerous nonprofit arts organizations, including the Phoenix Boys Choir, Musical Instrument Museum, and Phoenix Art Museum. At PVSchools, we recognize that the arts are a vital part of the identity as individuals, as a community, and as a nation. PVSchools believes that the arts should be accessible to everyone, and is committed to preparing students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. Graduates with a well-rounded, comprehensive education can think critically, communicate effectively, and contribute positively to society.

Visual Arts

Interested in a learning experience that includes painting, drawing, and ceramics?

Learn about Visual Art

Performing Arts

Looking for a learning experience that involves music, choir, theater, and dance?

Learn about Performing Arts

Web Resources

Arizona Commission on the Arts 
Publishes information about learning opportunities for youth.

ASU Herberger Institute
Offers programs for children and youth.

Musical Instrument Museum
Located within district boundaries, for visits and special programs.

Phoenix Art Museum
Offers programs of special interest to youth.

Phoenix Center for the Arts
Connects children to visual arts opportunities.